How You Can Use Your Income Tax Refund on A Car in Glasgow, KY

Tax refund season is here again - and Gillie Hyde is celebrating with a our Tax Time Sale-A-Thon. Gillie Hyde will help you spend your tax refund wisely on a new vehicle.

A down payment on a new or used Dodge, Jeep, RAM or Chrysler

A substantial down payment reduces the loan amount and results in smaller monthly payments that make buying a car more financially feasible. Determine carefully how much you can afford to spend monthly and don't forget to look at the added costs of full-coverage insurance, fuel, and maintenance. 

Using your tax refund as a down payment also opens up car financing options that would otherwise not be available. At Gillie Hyde Auto, you have over 450 pre-owned and new makes and models of cars, trucks, and SUVs to choose from. 

Buy an Inexpensive Used Vehicle

Buying a reliable used car deliver more bangs for your buck. Usually, your interest rate on a car loan and your insurance premium will be lower, saving you money later. Gillie Hyde CDJR has an extensive car inventory from prominent automobile makers. Find a reliable and well-inspected pre-owned vehicle and take a test drive to ensure you're buying a vehicle that's a good match.

Lease a Car in Glasgow, KY

Start your lease with a larger down payment and reduce the monthly payments. Not only lower payments are more manageable, but if you wish to extend the lease, you may negotiate to keep the same lower amount with no ongoing budget impact.

Fix or Upgrade your Existing Car

Any well maintained recent-model-year vehicle could allow you to drive it more than 10 years and well past 100,000 miles. Whether it's a new set of tires, a major tune-up or other repairs, regular maintenance prolongs your vehicle's life and reduce your need to buy a new car. 

Call us and schedule auto Maintenance in Glasgow, Kentucky today! 

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