The Ram ProMaster City Offers Multiple Internal Configurations

Individuals who like vehicles that offer plenty of interior space as well as robust hauling capacity will certainly appreciate the talents of the 2019 Ram ProMaster City. This compact yet roomie urban hauling vehicle gives drivers and passengers alike the ability to transport a raft of different cargo types. That said, the passenger wagon version of this vehicle also allows operators to configure their interiors in a number of different ways.

The 2019 Ram ProMaster City passenger wagon offers users the convenience of different interior configurations. Configuration number 1 offers plenty of passenger and cargo capacity. It includes 3 middle row passenger seats as well as storage area behind them. Configuration number 2 allows for the stowing of one seat to allow from more cargo space.

Configuration number 3 stows two seats and provides for yet more space for tools or other similar items. Configuration number 4 removes all rear seating for maximum cargo and hauling space.



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