Technology features of the Chrysler 300

The Chrysler 300 maintains Mopar's reputation for keeping up with all of the latest technological trends and providing the luxury its customers have come to expect from the Chrysler Motors corporation. What can someone expect in their new 300?

The car comes with Apple CarPlay and Sirius XM radio that allows people to gain music even if they travel long distances through areas with no radio stations. This is a boon for people who need to travel through long areas of the country where only country music stations are found on the local airwaves.

The car also comes with climate control; features that let the driver and passenger select the temperatures with which they feel comfortable. Although most people think of information technology when they say technology, high tech means more than just computers and processors. Many of the safety features of the car fall into the high-tech category as well, such as anti-lock brakes.



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