Keeping Your Car Full of Gas This Winter Will Prevent Headaches

Be prepared this winter for the unexpected by doing the little things that have the biggest impact. Keeping the gas tank full in your car could help making driving safer all winter, here is how.

The full gas tank is a very heavy gas tank. All that added weight in the back of the car will help your car tires to better grip slippery road surfaces. This is important in icy conditions or when you can roll up into areas with black ice.

If condensation is allowed to form in the gas tank because it is empty, that moisture is certainly going to turn to ice as freezing temperatures arrive. Those ice particles could block the fuel line and stop the car from running or being able to start on those chilly days.

These winter driving tips from Gillie Hyde Dodge Chrysler Jeep RAM should keep you and your family to be safer this season.
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