When You Need to Inspect & Replace Your Car Tires?

The time to be checking your tires for trouble is before they lead to an incident on the roadways. Visit Gillie Hyde Dodge Chrysler Jeep RAM today and let the team give all the tires a closer inspection on the lift.

The worn spots on your tires are very problematic because they reduce the ability of the car to properly grip the road. In slick conditions, you need all the tread possible to keep from sliding out of your lane.

Other things to be concerned with on your tires are cracks, bulges, and anything stuck inside the tire like screws or nails.

Place a penny headfirst into the tire tread, if you can still see Lincoln's head it is time to get new tires because the tread is worn too low.

At Gillie Hyde Dodge Chrysler Jeep RAM, our service team can show you areas of concern with your tires.

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